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Welcome to Altius Velo

Hope all riders are having a great spring riding campaign! We are now heading officially towards the summer, and we at Gear Up Cycling have some exciting news for our members.

Gear Up Cycling rebirth as Altius Velo

Gear Up Cycling has been our first baby. After one year, we felt the need to get a brand that represents our vision better. It has been a great reflection process, challenging us to redefine ourselves, our values, and our mission. As a result, Altius Velo is born!

Why Altius? Altius, is part of the motto of the Olympics (Altius, Citius, Fortius). Altius means "reach higher"; for us, means "to improving ourselves beyond numbers"; not only "higher watts", but higher spirits, better experience, higher self. This represents our philosophy in which we want to "elevate" our client experience beyond training plans and workouts.

We are making our best to ensure the transition is going as smoothly as possible; as a result, emails/websites/social media accounts will be switched to Altius Velo and we will ensure to communicate any changes to our riders as we go.

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