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Body Maintenance with Grace

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Do you ever get sore knees or back after a long ride? Stretching once in a while won't cut it if you want to stay healthy and reach your goals. The good news is: the off-season is a great time to acquire new habits and work on the injury prevention side of things, in order to enjoy your hobby to its fullest!

Over the course of 6-weeks starting on September 30, Coach Grace Menning will guide you through a series of routines, designed to help you improve your mobility, with a specific emphasis on cyclist's weak spots. No matter your age, discipline or goals, it is important to have a solid foundation on which to build your cycling fitness. The whole program, which includes six 40min sessions on Zoom is offered for only 72$

Here is an overview of the curriculum:

  1. How to start a routine

  2. The neglected

  3. Pre and post ride essentials

  4. The balancing act

  5. Just do it!

  6. Challenge

Each of the session will focus on an element of injury prevention and performance and will build on the previous week.


About Grace Menning

Grace is an NCCP Certified Coach, has an Exercise Science background and years of experience as a Recreations Racare, Coach, Trainer and Wellness Consultant. As a Master's Athlete, she believes that a solid training framework, balanced program and a healthy mindset has helped her achieve dozens of age groups podium finishes in events like the Xterra worlds, BC Bike Race and Whistler Granfondo. Grace is also a member of Cycling BC's Coach Developer Team.

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