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Fall Bootcamp: what is this?

On and off the bike for a full body workout!

After a season of road riding, many cyclists are looking for options to go "off-road" and put their gravel bikes to good use. Here are some of the benefits of gravel riding or cyclo-cross:

  1. Getting a high-intensity workout,

  2. Improving bike-handling ability

  3. Get some cross-training and keep the intensity up.

With that in mind, we have created a 6-week "Fall Bootcamp", with the objective of working on the bike and off-the-bike, providing a good workout with less structure and working on the technical ability in a fun group environment.

A typical session will include a warmup on the trails or park near UBC, a technical focus (ex.: slalom, dismount/remount, going over objects), a workout and some strength using bodyweight. All of this combined should lay out proper foundations for some indoor riding or gym work throughout the winter.

Sessions will start at 5 pm sharp on Mondays starting on September 27. The cost is 195$ for the full block and we'll meet at Wesbrook Community Centre.

Gravel bike and off-road shoes/cleats required.

Few places left!

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