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Altius Velo offers a customized power-based training experience for cyclists of all levels.  Each one-hour workout is scientifically curated and personalized to each rider’s goals and physiology.


Coaches instruct off the bike so we can fully focus on the riders. We carefully monitor your personal effort and take great pride in making you a stronger, fitter and more efficient rider.


Each week head coach and exercise physiologist Joanie Caron designs two new power-based rides.  Sessions introduce a training focus designed to improve each energy system that specifically relates to improved road cycling performance.

Your indoor training journey with us takes place on a highly responsive and intuitive Stages bike that emulates a road biking experience.  We guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride from the moment you clip in!


Our riders love the focus and feedback of their personal data shown on our TV monitors.  For some it’s merely distraction.  For others it’s pure exhilaration and motivation to perform to their highest ability.


We cap your experience with motivating music, towel service, your own fan and a pre-set up bike upon arrival.


What you need:

  • Bike shorts

  • Cycling shoes with Shimano SPD-SL cleats preferred 

  • Water Bottle

  • Heart rate monitor chest or arm strap (optional)

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