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Ride for Mental Health

Dear Riders-

The past year has been such a roller coaster for many, with the uncertainty and ups & downs of the restrictions. We realized that health is not to be taken for granted, whether it is physical health OR mental health. While we do see the light, with the vaccine and reopenings, mental health remains a major preoccupation, as many precious losses over the past year.

Mental health is a cause very dear to my heart. In my racing career, I have met individuals of various backgrounds being severely impacted by mental health. While I have seen cycling as a way to compete and achieve a dream, I now see cycling as a vehicle to stay healthy and balanced, enjoying the fitness aspect, the fresh air and the camaraderie that comes with it. With that understanding, I make it my mission to provide such opportunities through coaching.

As "Courage Champion", my mission is also to raise awareness in the cycling community. It has been great to see many fundraising initiatives coming along, and with that momentum, we've decided to create our own.

Fundraiser Ride for Mental Health

Sunday, June 13th, we will be offering a supported ride to its riders from Pitt Meadows to Stave Lake, to raise funds for Coast Mental Health. We will be providing support through hydration, nutrition and ride leaders on that day. Loop is 91 km, has 965m of elevation and goes through the most scenic parts of Maple Ridge/Mission. A must-see

We do ask riders to a) register through our website so we know how many of each speed group to expect and b) make a donation to Coast Mental Health via the link below. That page allows riders/individuals who cannot make it to donate- thank you.

Click here to see the full route

Webinar Ride w. Purpose

In addition, to take part in the ride, you may be interested in creating your own challenge OR supporting other riders. Want to learn more? Tomorrow June 2nd at 7h30 pm, we will be hosting a FREE webinar to provide more information on the Courage to Go Further Campaign.

This initiative is put together by Velogrit a group of women led by Angie Buonassisi who will ride their own challenge on June 23rd; nothing less than 220km from Vancouver to Whistler... including a Triple Crown in it!

Anyone who attends tomorrow is also eligible to win awesome prizes, including a 500$ gift basket offered by West8Clinic.

Click here to register

Happy Riding and see you on the Road ;)

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