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Get set for your online class

We are glad you may be joining us for an online session. Here are a few instructions to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

There are two media available to follow the class, you can set up one or both! 

To join via Zoom

Shortly after booking your class, you will receive a Zoom link to follow the session. The visual will be similar to the picture shown, displaying the workout, power, cadence, and perceived intensity (RPE).

This is a must for every rider, regardless of whether you have a smart or regular trainer or a stationary bike. 

To join via Zwift

As an add-on to Zoom, you can choose to follow the session on Zwift on a separate device. To do so, follow the next two steps

​Step 1 - Join the MeetUp

With your Companion App, follow Joanie (Caron) Altius. You will receive a MeetUp invite for the session you are signed up to. 

Step 2 - Upload the Custom workout

You will receive a ZWO file 24 hours prior to your session, which you will have to upload to your custom library. 

(Instructions here:

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